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2003-09-01 - 3:39 a.m.

Well my peeps I have been thinking much on kingship over the last two days, such as would I have made a good king in real life, I know my answer what is yours? Here are some things to think on:

In 1153 King Stephen of England was laying siege to a castle of a rebellious Earl. Now this Earl had rebelled just a scant few months before and the King had taken as hostage his 4 year old son. So when King Stephen found himself once again at the gates of the Earls castle he told the rebellious Earl that he either surrender his castle or he would hang his son.

Well to the mortification of the attending Barons and Princes he told the King �Hang him I have the hammers and nails to forge another, better son�.

King Stephen then ordered the child to be hanged, however at the last moment called a halt to the execution.

Would you have been able to hang the child?

Men thought the King weak for his decision, the people thought him soft.

In 1120 King Henry the first was ruling the realm of England, because of an incident that caused his daughters husband in Norway to hang a member of Henry�s court, he asked that the rapist be set free for he was of noble birth, the Baron in Norway agreed but blinded the man for his offence. At the time King Henry�s granddaughters where visiting him, when the King herd what had happen in retaliation he blinded both of his granddaughters. The reasons he gave, well simply that the offending Baron had dared to pass judgment on one of his vassals.

Well could you have done this?

The examples can go on and on of people spurning royal authority, imagine if you would what would have happened to all of us young men in Anglesey if King Michael had that sort of power when we flaunted our defiance. I think that perhaps we would not have done so with such grandeur, we would have truly felt the furry of the King and who among us could say he would be wrong in doing it?

Think on these things and decide for yourself�. As for me, nope I would have made an awful king in any respects for that time period. I could not have hanged the child nor blinded my own granddaughters. No more that I could have done half the other things some of the other kings have done to hold power and influence people.

It is better to be feared than loved Edward the I King of England and Scotland, Prince of Wales.

O is out

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