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2003-08-25 - 3:13 p.m.

Ok hey my peeps well what can I say life is good. I mean sure it could be better but hey when cant any of us say that? I had a great weekend with my son got to hang with him for a while and had loads of fun. It was way cool, I really missed the little guy while I was gone from his life. Ron�s death made me think a lot about things, we can go at anytime and I dont think I ever really got that.

So every second I spend with Joshua is one more he will have when I am gone. I never want him to say if only I could have told him this or that, if only I could see him one more time. I know I must have said that a billions times when thinking on Ron, I always thought there would be more time, he was as close to a son as I ever had till Joshua came along, he was the best friend I had for a long time, I loved him and will miss him and I dont want my son to feel the regrets that I feel. So heres to a happy life, and a full life to us all.

Well at times the Dagorhir thing keeps bothering me, it still pisses me off what they did, my wife (Kate) tells me that I should not go to anymore events because to give them money is to support their ideals. Can�t really argue with that, The ROG says to just forget Dagorhir all together and since Halv Ork is going to England I should just head back to the Ange and fight SCA. Eh I guess its all good what ever I do, who really cares though?

Lets see, SCA practice tonight YIPPIE! Going to meet some new peeps out there in Philly, well I guess I should head back to work now boss will be wanting his internet back.

Whelp T my prayers are with you and Chris good luck bro!

Byrum well I hope things are going well for you and Kimmie Kims....

Kim I hope things are going well in all respects....

You know what sucks I missed the WWE thing last night and it looked so cool, so any of you Richmond peeps have the who won what I would be pleased if you passed your knowlage on to the less fourtunite.

O is outa here

Oh word out too REEKS HEY!

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