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2003-09-29 - 11:10 a.m.

Ah I finally have time too sit and write, ah it seems like forever since I have just let crap out of the bag. Ok so this weekend my wife (that would be Kate for all you who do not know) went too a wedding.

Well it was for too friends of ours that are in Dagorhir, so yeah of course it was a medieval wedding of sorts. And I say of sorts only because well do I really have to go into it, no didn�t think so. Anyhow so we are informed that the ceremony will be conducted by RavenRose (she is able to do this because she is a member of the church of eternal light) and that we (I really should say this was being said to me not my wife as she was getting her hair done) would be witnessing the banding together of two souls by the eternal deity.

Ok what ever I say, and then of course I am dragged (although not kicking and screaming) in to a debate about God. Well let me tell you my peeps my old priest father Cunninham would have been proud of this here altar boy, oh yes indeed. We argued and I left this poor witless chick stuttering and in all on the losing side of the debate.

Its hard to debate religion when the other person will not conceded that you might be right, and I never concede on that point EVER, use to drive Laynaya (whats Laynaya spelled sideways?) crazy. HEHE you know it still makes me all warm inside when I think of how it got on her nerves. Its not that I do not like Amy shes cool and over all a good person, but sometimes when she had her �Holier that thou� persona on well she could be a bit much. After all as if anyone is holier than I am (ha ha), yeah ego power go.

So the wedding is cool then I take Joshua over to another camp where we Kinsed Britt, cool for him he deserves it been doing a hell of a good job lately and always has. Then Jason and I drink some cider and I head back to the hotel room to put Joshua down too sleep and grab some o that sleep stuff for myself.

At 230 in the morning I get a call from Jason�s mother telling me that she has called the cops on him that he was to be home at 300 in the afternoon. Well I talk to her calm her insuring her that Jason (Zwei BTW) was ok and that the wedding didn�t even go off till sunset and that he was at the campsite with my wife and that I am sure he is ok.

Well she goes into how he might me suicidal and that he told this girl Sara (his ex?) that he wanted to wrap himself around a tree. Ok well I talk to her and say this, mam, your son is like that he is just being himself, he is not suicidal he�s a good boy and I will go find him and have him call you. She says ok and I get Joshua up and into the car and head out find Jason and have him call his mother, oh yeah and I pick up Kate and we head home.

WHEW what a weekend, ah yes in deed my peeps.

Well I guess that�s about it my peeps I am out, but before I go let me send out my prayers to Travis I hope that you are able to fight again and that all is well.

And one goes out too Byrum, Kimme Kim and Travis and his family that they get power back and that everything runs well and all.

To all my other peeps out there be safe be well and just BE.

O is out.....

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