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2004-02-07 - 1:25 p.m.

Ok had to go through and try and fix a few boo boos. Ok peeps just got off the phone with some old friends that have been telling me stories about how things are being perceived in Dagorhir. It appears that I am Persona Non Grata (did I get that right Byrum?).

No really BIG surprise there, but perhaps if I explain a little to some people they will understand a bit better. The split in Dagorhir I felt was wrong it should never have happened, I think that what the Aratari did was wrong and I stood up and said so. If that makes me unpopular BFD. I did what I thought was right and I will gladly pay the cost, its unfortunate that friends I have had for over 18 years wont even try and talk to me about it or just say well that your opinion not ours and let it got at that but what ever right.

Now one more thing just to set a few facts straight here and now, and I should have seen this coming from a talk that Travis and I had months ago. Well here it is weather people choose to believe this or not, I was not the one who started the revolt against James. For those who think Trystan was my witless pawn and I was the one who started all of it well sorry to bust your bubbles but not the facts there.

I will not lie and say I think things didnt need to change in Gwynedd,The did and prob still do although I really have no idea at this point rather they do or not. However, and Trystan can back me up on all of this BTW, I argued against the revolt and even went so far as to put a stop to it with help from Avina (Anne). {well actually Lorrymar and Trystan stoped it Anne and I just worked very hard to see that it happened)

Just thought I would say these little known facts and bring them to light god forbid people should listen to a person that has lost his mind though.

Hey Byrum thanks a million for the W2�s you rule brother.

O is out!

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