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2003-12-23 - 1:54 p.m.

Well it being the Christmas season that can mean only on thing my peeps, that�s right the playoffs are right around the corner. The New England Patriots look strong, oh so very strong as their outing against the Jets this weekend proved. However lets look beyond the actual game and instead look to the half time show where the Jets where honoring their stars from Super Bowl 3 shall we.

For those of you who do not know or really just don�t care Super Bowl 3 was the New York Jets vs. the Baltimore Colts, yes they where in Baltimore then. This Super Bowl was the first time that an under dog actually won the Super Bowl, but what made it even better was two things.

1. The quarter back one Joe Namath promised that the Jets would win the game against much better team the Baltimore Colts and did.

2 The first time a sports figure ever wore panty hose, well for a commercial at least, yeah and got paid a heck of a lot for doing it.

At any rate after the half time show a reporter named Suzy Kolber was asking Joe some questions when he put his arm around her and slurred �I sure would like to kiss you�, on national TV. Well needless to say the press has had a field day with this one, but I tend to think along the lines of ex hall of famer John �the diesel� Riggans (the only Redskin I have ever had any respect for) put summed it up when asked about it. We she should be thankful he remembered her name and actually thought she was worth the time, I mean he was as drunk as a skunk after all. And whats this all about you people being surprised that Joe is a womanizer I mean where have you people been the last 30 odd years.

You tell em John!

Since where on football, HOW BOUT THEM COWBOYS! Going to the playoffs for the first time in 3 long years. Reminds of something one of my friends told me once about the Steelers (who are at the bottom of their division right now, ah how sweet it is). This statement being about how the next Super Bowl should have been the Steelers and the 49ers to see who could win the fifth super bowl ring.

Well needless to say I informed him that it had already happened, he turned to me and said I didn�t know what I was talking about, well here you bub just for you:

Super Bowls

This was important because Super Bowl XXVIII saw a milestone achieved, including the first Super Bowl in Georgia, the fourth Super Bowl victory for the Cowboys, tying them with Pittsburgh and San Francisco and Dallas became the first team to begin a season 0-2 and go on to win a Super Bowl.

The 5th Super Bowl Victory the first and as of right now the only team to have acheaved this. Also it was so much sweeter that it came at the exspece of the Steelers. Ah how sweat it was ��

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