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2003-11-18 - 2:39 a.m.

Tomorrow would have been Lynn Byus�s 40th birthday, I wonder if anyone really remembers him at all. He was a basketball player for the University of Maryland in the 1980s, the day after the NBA draft he ODed on crack, he had been drafted 2nd in the nation by the Boston Celtics, they had just lost the NBA title to the LA Lakers the year before, and where very happy to have Byus coming to play with them.

He celebrated beging drafted by the Celtics by going out and having some recreational fun, he was found dead the next morning in his car with the crack pipe still in his hand. I cant help thinking how he would have changed Basketball had he not died, or how his brothers life might have turned out different had he lived. His brother is surving time in prison for selling crack along with Byus�s stepfather, the thing is there was never any kind of story from friends or family that said he had ever touched the stuff before, I dont know if he did I am just sad that his life ended. So happy birthday skipper....

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