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2003-11-10 - 11:17 p.m.

Ok peeps update stones are gone thank the lord, got the flu after them but managed to hang on to some life and went to work both Monday and today. Ah yes today, let�s begin the bitch athon here . You see when I woke up this morning, well it was FUCKING COLD about 20 degrees, needless to say my windows where all iced over, so I just go out in the cold turn on my car and begin the heating up of the vehicle.

I think of it this way by the time I am dressed and out the door my car should not only be, no longer covered in ice but also warm and toasty for my hour drive to work, ah the good plans always seem to fall apart don�t they. Well I get out of my shower, get dressed and head out with my morning coffee and donut only to find my car running but still covered in ice, and low and behold it begins to start to sleet.

I open my door only to find the heater not working and the burned rubber smell in my car, so I pop the hood open and check out to see if m worst fear is true, and yeppers the fan motor is dead and still shooting smoke out of it. Well I say a few choice words and begin too scrape the ice off my window, after that I get the heck on to work.

Its a cold as balls ride to work, I mean Nanook yeah I fucked him! Anyhow I work in a secure building built by demented morons that failed to be Democrats, in other words they are independents with a cause, yes I have met the entire crew that is still working on the place after five years, and they all voted for Ross Parowe (sp), and now have decided that the world is too sick to go on. At any rate what I getting at is this they may be smart but they are idiots, morons and as stupid as the week is long. Why am I venting so, well lets just continue our story shall we....

So I get too work and I park in our indoor parking lot, its a indoor parking garage, and I mean in door the fact that every level is sealed, there is glass on the walls and cameras every where its so damn cool. Anyway so I punch in the codes and I get to walk in to the lawn area (yeah it would have been cool if the afor mentioned morons had the ideas of actually connecting the two buildings that would have rocked but what do I know I am only a not very well paid data entry person right.)

I digress, anyhow I start walking across the lawn in the sleet grumbling to myself about my own stupidity, and low and behold the power goes out, I know this because as I looking up and actually hear the wine of the systems powering down, I see every light in the building go out. Well yes I guess it will be annoying for a while till they get the power up and running but I can always just stay down stairs and talk by the water cooler right.

Well no it seems that I cannot, you see the power is out the new security protocols do not work any longer, the guard cant type in the combination numbers in to the electric lock to open the doors to let all the people out side in... Ah DUH! Even I know enough to put in some kind of manual override, anything to open the incase of an emergency, but the guys up stairs have not gotten around to doing it yet. So our boss tells us to go back to our cars and wait, I am like ok I got some books to read and its heated in the garage area so off we start till we get to the garage doorway and find that we cannot open the door to get to our cars because the power is out and the electric lock is not working.

Now I am standing in sleet, its fucking 20 degrees outside and I have no coat because I have left both of them down in Richmond! My life sucks sooooooo much at this point I don�t know what to do other than just shooting myself, but cant do that either I don�t have a gun! So for about an hour and a half we stand outside till the power comes back on and I run in and straight to my boss up stairs tell her what happened and everything and I go home to change.

The rest of the day people just kinda stayed away from me I was in a very black humor sorta way, and it showed, so now after working some overtime and about too head home I dread that even more I have to deal with my father in law God I want my own place so bad! Deep breaths soon so very soon..... And I HAVE to get down to Richmond and get in touch with Travis so that I can get my coats back I just know its going to get colder up here above the Mason Dixion line, and I want my two leather jackets to keep me warm....

I just know I am going to get a cold from this fucked up day, I have been hitting the vitamin C hard to day and will for the next week. Well the chilly O is outa here my peeps be happy live long and remember.

Two holes in a boat don�t let the water out.

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