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2003-11-01 - 6:15 p.m.

Well its saturday night and I have just finnished making dinner and all. Just thought I would write and tell people I am alive, for those that care for those that hate he HA! I AM STILL KICKING YOU BASTARDS!!!!!

Well took Joshua Trick or Treating on Friday night had a BLAST GOD I LOVE THIS KID! (Pics too come soon) he had a GREAT! time as did his mom and I.

Saturday went to a SCA guys funeral I mean wedding, it was um diffrent very pagan, anywho he is a good fellow despite that (HEEHHE) and he is the local head of the shire I fight in up here.

I know i suck, but these guys are really bad, I wish I knew some knights in the area that would come and help us out down here its like where in no mans land, oh its those people from THAT new shire, quick run before they talk too you. Yeah been through this before it still sucks.

Well I guess thats about itI need to get too tims house to finish fixing my armor oh yeah I tried on the old ugly hat the other day, just smelling the inside brought back memories, thagt you God and Halv Ork I dont have to ware that thing any longer :o)!

Well later my peeps and peepets!

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