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2003-10-18 - 11:03 a.m.

Ah my peeps its good to be home sort of. I really enjoyed the visit with my mom and dad and I gots my armor witch is a good thing it need lots of work though, but hey its good to have the old stuff back!

The trip down was ok but the trip back sucked ever loving balls, it took us 48 hours to get back here eh gads that�s a long trip. I miss my family a heck of a lot and I noticed this time down that my mom and dad are looking really old, it worries me as lot, I started thinking on what my world would be like with out them and it sucks a lot. My grandmothers are even worse off and I cant say that I really like the way my fathers mother looks. I know people die it happens I just don�t want them too.

Anyhow things with Kate are well they are going as well as can be considering the things that are going on. I don�t know what the future holds with us I am not even sure what the heck is going to happen from one moment to another. I feel like a Yo Yo pulled this way then that but nothing new there I guess.

Joshua is great I love him so much, it was well I lack the words to say what it was like seeing him interact with my family down in Mississippi and Alabama. My father and mother love him so much I hope to go back for Christmas too see them and I think it will be nice for my mom and dad they will have the whole family there as my brother will be home with his kids also, it will be nice to meet my niece and nephew at last. I have not seen my bro in over five years I wonder if he is still a prick?

Hm lets see I guess that�s about all later my peeps.

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