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2003-09-11 - 9:13 a.m.

Can you beleive it, its been two years since the attack. I still remember it like it was yesterday, the news on the radio, looking over the hill from work seeing the smoke spewing up from the Pentagon, wondering with a great amount of fear as to what the hell was going on.

Knowing that all I wanted to do was get home to my son and wife, going crazy thinking of what might be happening.

Then driving home past the Pentagon and seeing the side of the building in flames and knowing there is mothing I can do to help.

Seeing the ruin of one of our nations vital areas, and feeling most of all anger and hate, so inteance that I just want to scream at the top of my lungs!

Knowing what I do now, knowing that the bastards that did this to us are still out there, and still wanting them caught alive and put on trial here in the states, wanting them to die for what they did.

I know I should forgive them their sins but I find that I cannot, I have never actually wanted to sit in a room and see a man die, but these people I think I could make an exception for.

Does this make he a horibal person to feel this way, you know I really dont care. I lost friends in the Pentagon, my dad lost one of his oldest friends in that attack, a guy he served with for over 20 years. What I want, what he wants and I dare say what the people everywhere who lost someone wants in these attacks is JUSTICE.

Have we had it, not yet I say not to we are sure that he, that they are dead or caught or are taken out of action.

These attacks served a purpose to the American people I think, it woke us up, we always heard about what was happening in Isreal and the UK and other countries around the world, but it never really sunk in. Yes it happened but never to us. Not on this scale, not on our own soil.

How can we stop Isreal from doing things to end the terrorist attacks on them, from protecting themselves from allowing things like this from happening to them. HOW DARE WE lecture them, thats what I dont understand.

This type of thing needs to be stoped in what ever way we can stop it. cut the cancer out of the world, stop the innocent women and children from suffering more loss, before it really is to late.

Bush is right in what he is saying, he is right to do the things he has done and I will have no guilt in voting for him again. He may not be perfect but I dont know any human that is.

I pray for my friends and my family every night, I pray that all of them have a long and happy life and that God stays with them and guids them through the world. What more can I ask.

Travis got married thats so cool, I just wish he could have done it with all splender that he wanted too. It really sucks that he could not!

I know he plans on having one, a wedding that is, but its just not right that he could not have one like he wanted in the first place that truly sucks. However I do wish him the best for he is a good man and he deserves to be happy and I think that he will. And thats all we can ask for in this world....

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