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2003-08-04 - 11:13 a.m.

You know sometimes when you search for something on the net and you come up with something else that you did not intend on, that happened today.

I was looking for the info ont he up coming cross over battle between Dagorhir and Darkon, (yeah well nothing SCA going on up here till September anyhow) I thought why not.

Well while looking over the information, it brought up something I had not read in years. Rons old Diary, dear lord the memories came flooding back. God I miss him.....

On another note on Wed and Thurs we are taking Joshua to the beach, he has never been before and it should be one of those moments to tresure, I love this boy so much. He is my life, I just wished I had figured it out sooner. There is nothing like your child, yeah they can get on your nervers, yeah they can break things or upset your day, but when its all said and done one thing always comes out at the top. I would have it no other way, just holding him, and getting hugs from or when he runs across the room when I walk through the door screaming Da Da Da, its more than ever thought I would have.

O is out.....

Oh yeah word out to Bryce and Balynar and Kimmie hey peeps hope life is well for yall. Luv to the max


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