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2003-07-28 - 1:38 a.m.

Whelp my peeps found out about the person sending emails to my wife about me. It seems one of two things lets look at them:

1) I set Tessa up with an account password to read my diary; well yesterday my wife got an email telling her Tessa password for the Diary.

Now either Tessa is giving her password out to Kate, which I doubt, I mean as far as I know Tessa and I have no problems with each other. Or someone has accesses to my email accounts. AH HA! I for myself believe that is the case, someone got the password for my email account and has been forwarding and reading my privet emails then sending out parts of them to Kate.

Well I am no angel we all know that, and I have not lived a life with out sin. So I have made enemies I am sure and I don�t mind that. You can hate me till the day you die and it won�t phase me a bit. However when you start fucking with my family that�s where I draw the line. I don�t know who the heck you are but god have mercy on your soul if I ever find out.

I am a good-tempered soul and I don�t get mad very easily, but you screwed with Kate and with Joshua that I will not stand for. Also you didn�t even have the guts to sign your real name, you want a peace of me fine come and get it but leave my family out of it.

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